poniedziałek, 30 lipca 2012

iSCSI or FC- experts opinion

We all have read articles about the dilema - iSCSI or FC. Now is the time to ask the source. Let's take a look at the opinion of experts.

Tom / IT Support Team

FC is less susceptible to electromagnetic interference - it's because it uses fiber optics. I.e. even if there is a potential difference between the buildings, we won't feel any negative consequences. Generally, implementation of the FC solution is expensive, but definitely more reliable.

Peter / Research Department

FC or iSCSI? The answer is FC. iSCSI - it's only a group of SCSI commands put in a frame of TCP/IP. FC is more stable and reliable - primarily because it provides coverage on a lower level.

George / QA Department

iSCSI - is cheaper, easy to implement, it is also possible to use existing Ethernet infrastructure.

Steve / IT Support Team

If I had access to the existing Ethernet (1GbE or 10GbE) infrastructure, but a limited budget, I would use iSCSI. If the budget wouldn't be a problem and the implementation would be dedicated for a bank or a provider's service... only FC.

Lukas / QA Department

I'll paraphrase sentence I have found on the network once: FC is like a train - a very expensive vehicle that moves on tracks, quickly and confidently. iSCSI is like a sport car - fast, but requires attention and effort when driving.

And what is your opinion?

poniedziałek, 2 lipca 2012

Iceland recquires an open source software

In Iceland originated a program which aim is to transfer all public institutions from proprietary software to open source software. All ministries, capital city hall in Reykjavik and national hospital are the first on the list. Education in this country is already transfering into the open source software.

Two new high schools began to use only a free and open software during the school year 2011/2012. This indicates that already 5 out of 32 schools in Iceland does not use a proprietary software. To cheer you up have a look on this hilarious Iceland team goal celebrations: