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iSCSI or FC- experts opinion

We all have read articles about the dilema - iSCSI or FC. Now is the time to ask the source. Let's take a look at the opinion of experts.

Tom / IT Support Team

FC is less susceptible to electromagnetic interference - it's because it uses fiber optics. I.e. even if there is a potential difference between the buildings, we won't feel any negative consequences. Generally, implementation of the FC solution is expensive, but definitely more reliable.

Peter / Research Department

FC or iSCSI? The answer is FC. iSCSI - it's only a group of SCSI commands put in a frame of TCP/IP. FC is more stable and reliable - primarily because it provides coverage on a lower level.

George / QA Department

iSCSI - is cheaper, easy to implement, it is also possible to use existing Ethernet infrastructure.

Steve / IT Support Team

If I had access to the existing Ethernet (1GbE or 10GbE) infrastructure, but a limited budget, I would use iSCSI. If the budget wouldn't be a problem and the implementation would be dedicated for a bank or a provider's service... only FC.

Lukas / QA Department

I'll paraphrase sentence I have found on the network once: FC is like a train - a very expensive vehicle that moves on tracks, quickly and confidently. iSCSI is like a sport car - fast, but requires attention and effort when driving.

And what is your opinion?

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