piątek, 4 maja 2012

Little something about SAN

In order to manager your storage area network successfully, a professional SAN software is indispensable. SANs can be very complex systems and their administrations is often a complicated and difficult task. For this reason, IT producers have been elaborating on more innovative solutions for SAN software which simplifies this task. It allows you to build your own high availability SAN easily and quickly The prices , due to an increasing competition on the market are also more and more attractive. You can choose between solutions based on Fibre Channels as well as iSCSI protocols.
SAN software products vary from less complex and basic applications to most comprehensive systems. Usually, when you have got a SAN software product, there is no requirement to purchase any proprietary servers, storage or any additional networking hardware. It saves your cabling and switches cost hence effectively reducing the total storage cost. With SAN software you can convert your server into a SAN device. Of course, if you want to, you can buy a SAN device which has an operating system for SAN already installed.
 SAN software allows for centralization of all storage resources in the network, as well as securing the data which is stored there. Independent disk array structures, advanced backup solutions, security management applications and various updates are standards for SAN software.
 Many SAN systems are in the form of applications which allow for virtualization of storage resources. Here, the costs are even more reduced and you can share the benefits which are the same as provided by a physical SAN. The software can transform server disk drives and external storage into a virtual iSCSI SAN. Not only cost, but also complexity is minimized.
  With SAN software which guarantees business continuity and success of your enterprise, you can build a reliable source of shared storage for all your server applications.

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