wtorek, 8 maja 2012

Nas software

Network attached storage is an attractive solution for small business and private use storage. The NAS server is already equipped with operation system which contains storage for implementing NAS . However, the NAS software is also available separately and allows for quick installation on the popular operating systems.
NAS software solutions vary from the simplest applications offering basic NAS services to most comprehensive software.
These complex NAS software products do not only provides NAS services but also support SAN’s iSCSI functionality and the possibility of future upgrades and storage capacity expansion. NAS/SAN software packages also allow to transform standard hardware into a NAS/SAN type device.
NAS applications create an environment for high-speed data transfer between network devices and data storage and backup for heterogeneous clients. They provide the functionality of iSCSI targets and initiators for NAS users and allow for quick access to the data. Depending on the product, the access type can be only file level, or both file as well as block level.
NAS software is an indispensible tool for network storage management. It relieves the responsibility and saves a lot of workload to IT network administrators. The applications provide most advanced storage security system and data protection, with data reduplication, disaster recovery and automatic failover solutions. NAS allows the data to be l available on the network and accessible by clients. Fault tolerant measures such as RAID, can additionally be used to make sure that the NAS device does not become a point of failure.
NAS technology with dedicated software enables effective management and high availability of the company’s IT system, ensures business continuity and successful functioning of the enterprise at a lower cost.

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